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Stampede Blue Super Bowl LII Open Thread

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

For fans of the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, today is the most exciting day of the year. Nothing is any bigger than playing for a chance at a championship. Colts fans have been blessed to play in the big game twice over the last 11 years under the incredible play of future first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning.

This year, for Colts fans, this day marks the merciful end to a nightmarish season. It marks the end of a long wait to officially name the team’s new head coach. When time expires in the Super Bowl the slate will be wiped entirely clean and the focus will move to the future. Chris Ballard will focus on the plan to position the Colts for a return to winning football with the first coaching staff he has hired in his career.

No matter your allegiances and no matter what significance this day has for you, it is always bitter sweet. This marks the beginning of a long off-season. That’s right, no football for months. Every football fan experiences the emptiness, the void left without football together. So for that reason, let’s hope this is an incredibly entertaining game that helps make the time go faster.

Also, on behalf of Colts fans everywhere, GO EAGLES!!!