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Colts Cast: Colts-McDaniels Rumors Continue; Colts Hit with Tragic Loss of Edwin Jackson

Welp, as if Indianapolis Colts fans are strangers to rumors filling the ether without much to back them up, more were pushed out on Super Bowl Sunday. Pro Football Talk — or whoever runs their twitter account — dropped some pretty vague tweets Sunday stating everything except that Josh McDaniels would be the Colts next head coach.

Curran is a part of NBC Sports Boston (go figure) as is PFT, and earlier the PFT account released this totally rock solid report:

So... not hearing back from a source is now considered chatter? Got it. But, even earlier they put out this little bit of twitter gold:

So, a bunch of people were in the same room playing a game of ‘what if.’ In reverse order, PFT and their sources really never got any more clear on anything and we sit here considering there are 4 additions to the coaching staff apparently in place, McDaniels has met with the organization twice including the latest with both Chris Ballard and Jim Irsay, and the Colts aren’t interviewing anyone else. I think that says a lot more than “chatter,” or a sever lack thereof.

Also we talk about the possibility of Darell Bevell being targeted as the Colts next OC despite earlier reports of Jake Peetz being in line for the job, as well as the senseless tragedy that took Edwin Jackson away far too early at the age of 26. We discuss this all, looking forward to a clearer picture of the new regime in the coming days now that the Super Bowl is passed.

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