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In bizarre twist, Josh McDaniels backs out of agreement with Colts

NFL: AFC Championship-Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Things have turned south very quickly for the Indianapolis Colts. After two interviews and numerous reports from around the league that Josh McDaniels would take over as the team’s new head coach and with numerous coaches who reportedly had contracts to join his new staff in Indianapolis, McDaniels has chosen to remain in New England.

Adam Schefter reported that Patriots owner Robert Kraft set out to do whatever it took to keep McDaniels in New England. Apparently he has made changes to his contract that helped entice him to stay on Bill Belichick’s staff.

I cannot recall a time that a presumed head coach had not only completed two interviews and started building his coaching staff but also had a press conference lined up with his new team in less than 24 hours and then backed out on the franchise. The question now turns to what this means for his presumed coaching staff. Are they still going to be a part of a new staff in Indianapolis? Does this completely destroy Josh McDaniels’ reputation in NFL circles to the point that he would be seen as an entirely unreliable options for any other team? Who would be willing to take the new head coaching position in Indianapolis after Ballard committed to McDaniels?

Expect for there to be an announcement from one or both sides at some point in the near future. This is devastating. It also ensure that no matter how bad the Patriots get in the future, there will never be a time that there isn’t bad blood between these two franchises. Ballard’s overtures this year accomplished nothing.

We will follow this story and provide updates as we learn more.