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Report: Recently Announced Colts Assistants will Remain in Indianapolis

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Adding to the incredible turn of events is that the assistant coaches who have been previously announced are under contract and will be remaining in Indianapolis. Included on that list are Defensive Coordinator Matt Eberflus, Offensive Line Coach Dave DeGuglielmo, and Defensive Line Coach Mike Phair.

It is hard to imagine what these men must think of Josh McDaniels if they came to the Colts to join his new staff. It may be even harder to imagine how awkward it will be when a new head coach officially joins the team and is introduced to assistants he played no role in bringing into the fold. The impact Josh McDaniels’ actions have on the city of Indianapolis, Colts franchise, numerous coaches who are already in Indy, and their families should not be understated.

One would have to assume that at least some semblance of defensive identity has already started moving into their new offices on West 56th Street. Where the offense goes from here and who Chris Ballard has on speed dial in the event something like this would happen is not yet known. Colts fans will have to hope that contingencies for this were already in place and that Ballard’s binder included a “what if my choice for head coach has a total lack of integrity” backup plan.