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Chris Ballard Smites McDaniels: “The Rivalry is Back On” Fan T-Shirt

After what has been a rather frustrating and emotional 24 hours for Indianapolis Colts fans, General Manager Chris Ballard made himself available to the media to address concerns about Josh McDaniels backing out on the head coaching job in Indianapolis. Ballard made it clear that he and Colts owner Jim Irsay are angry over the circumstances that occurred over the last day by using the term “competitive” to describe how he reacted to his call with McDaniels and how Jim Irsay reacted to the news.

Even when Ballard could have slammed McDaniels for his actions and would have easily had the support of his fans, the media, and current players, coaches, and executives around the NFL, he wished Josh McDaniels luck in his future. After masterfully handling all the situation he uttered one phrase to rally Colts fans, his players, and his future coaching staff behind the horseshoe.

“The Rivalry is Back On.”

In order to commemorate Ballard’s words and to reflect the “competitiveness” of the entire Colts fan base, we have designed a t-shirt as a rallying cry. These t-shirts start at a price of $26 and a portion of the proceeds of each sale goes to support Stampede Blue as we continue our work to provide the Colts fan community with a voice.

Please visit breakingT to place your order.