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SBCL: Chris Ballard believes Andrew Luck will prove doubters wrong

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NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Luck injury update: He will prove people wrong, says Colts GM
Colts maintain Andrew Luck will not need a second surgery on his throwing shoulder

Colts can survive without Josh McDaniels, but not without Andrew Luck.
Ballard said Luck isn't throwing a football and that is much more ominous than anything that nitwit from New England told the Colts GM Tuesday night

Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck will not need second shoulder surgery
The Colts say quarterback Andrew Luck is working on his arm speed and is confident "that he's going to come back and prove a lot of people wrong" in 2018.

Colts reveal Andrew Luck isn’t throwing a football, but insist he’s ‘in a good place’ | FOX59
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – While discussing the stunning events that resulted in Josh McDaniels remaining in New England and the Indianapolis Colts resuming their head coaching search, general manager Chris Ballard offered an Andrew Luck update.

Latest Andrew Luck Update: No. 12 Is Still Not Throwing A Football | 1070 the Fan

At Wednesday’s press conference, Chris Ballard still had to field a few questions on the health of quarterback Andrew Luck.

KRAVITZ: Spurned Ballard takes the high road, but man, he really wanted to hit McDaniels hard | 13 WTHR Indianapolis
Chris Ballard could have unloaded on McDaniels, and he would have been hailed as a civic hero if he unloaded on McDaniels, but he took the high road instead, refusing give McDaniels the satisfaction of knowing he sent the Colts into a state of utter turmoil.

Tony Dungy: Josh McDaniels hanging assistants out to dry is indefensible – ProFootballTalk
Former Colts head coach Tony Dungy is not a fan of Josh McDaniels. McDaniels spurned the Colts having already told the team that he'd take their head-coaching job and already told assistant coaches they'd have a job on his staff, and Dungy took to Twitter today to denounce McDaniels' actions.

Ballard confident, defiant in wake of McDaniels' sudden exit | Sports |
Chris Ballard's parting shot Wednesday at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center will draw the headlines. And, to be fair, it was his best line of the day.

Colts GM Chris Ballard: 'We will get the right leader for the Colts'
Ballard did what he always does. He didn’t want to know why. And he didn’t try to talk McDaniels out of his decision. Ballard just turned the page.

Colts’ Chris Ballard: ‘It’s about getting the right guy’ | CBS 4 - Indianapolis News, Weather, Traffic and Sports | WTTV
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – He was calm, poised, measured with the vast majority of his responses. This was Chris Ballard, some 16 hours after that Tuesday evening phone call from Josh McDaniels that rocked the Indianapolis Colts’ world.

The Josh McDaniels Colts era: How it all fell apart
The Colts just needed Josh McDaniels to board the plane. They just needed him to sign the contract.

Chris Ballard Searching For A Colts Head Coach Again | 1070 the Fan

With Josh McDaniels saying no to the Colts on Tuesday evening, Chris Ballard is searching for a new head coach in the month of February.

Colts get luxury in coaching search post-Josh McDaniels: a chance to hire Frank Reich | Sporting News

With every other head-coaching vacancy in the NFL already filled, Indianapolis has the luxury of tapping into a Philadelphia staff that won it all without restrictions or waiting. Indy should take advantage and pluck from the suddenly hot Doug Pederson tree while it has the chance.

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"We were blessed to have had an amazing son who lived a life that extended respect, love, and genuine concern to everyone."