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Colts Cast: Luck to Return Early April; Colts Molding a Tampa-2; Colts Moving on from Gore

The Indianapolis Colts brain trust spoke yesterday about several points of interest as so many things are expected to change heading into the 2018 season. Frank Reich spoke about the team moving on from Frank Gore, and stated that he expected Andrew Luck to be ready for the beginning of the Colts offseason program in early April.

Reich also stated that the Colts will not employ a single quarterbacks coach, rather they will rely on Nick Sirianni (OC) and Marcus Brady (Asst. QB coach) to handle those responsibilities. He also defined the defense as a “Tampa-2” scheme which I’m not too enthused about, and you shouldn’t be either.

Chris Ballard also spoke about which positions he likes in this draft, his approach to Rashaan Melvin and Donte Moncrief’s situations with the team heading into free agency. There were several nuggets from these two, and I’ll run through most of what I took from their talks.

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