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Colts attend Princeton Pro Day, show interest in QB Chad Kanoff

Indianapolis Colts Introduce Frank Reich Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Chris Ballard has managed to be very stealthy throughout the NFL off-season. He promised to keep the coaching search quiet and seems to run a very tight ship as it relates to leaking information or allowing members of the media or other teams get a strong idea as to what direction he intends to take the Colts franchise or what moves he intends to make as he approaches free agency and gets prepared for the draft with a new coaching staff.

When the Colts finally did show up on the radar screen for pre-draft work it was in an unlikely place and at an unlikely position. Consider the drama and uncertainty that has surrounded the quarterback position for over a year. Shoulder surgery led to Andrew Luck missing an entire season, a trade with the New England Patriots for Jacoby Brissett, and another move to bring Brad Kaaya into the fold as the year came to an end. Indianapolis held undrafted free agent Phillip Walker on the practice squad all year in 2017 as well, making it seem like a very full quarterback room — even without any other changes.

Assuming that Luck will complete his recovery from shoulder surgery and kick off the 2018 NFL season under center, the Colts already have a reliable backup in Jacoby Brissett who started all of last season under less than ideal circumstances and a player behind him who has been given the opportunity to compete for a chance to stick around on the roster. It would seem that Phillip Walker is likely odd man out under this scenario already.

Odd then, that the Colts were identified at Princeton’s Pro Day,showing interest in quarterback Chad Kanoff. The naysayers might see this as further proof that there are real question-marks about Andrew Luck’s football future. The football junkies will see this as simple due diligence that any scouting and front office staff puts into identifying talent and keeping an inventory of players at all positions who might be able to help the team at some point in the future.

While the motivations are likely tied more to the latter, it is still something that Colts fans would rather not read as one of the few morsels of information concerning the Colts off-season interests.