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Colts Cast: Who’s Agents Should be on Chris Ballard’s Speed Dial to Start Free Agency Push?

Chris Ballard has a very important offseason that is about to kick off with the ‘legal tampering period’ in just a few short hours. The Indianapolis Colts have a handful of very well-known holes that are in dire need to be filled.

In order for Ballard to have a successful draft, he needs to hit it out of the park in free agency to supplement, and take the pressure off of his draft selections. The team’s needs could be met with draft picks, but the Colts — as it currently stands — only have 7 picks in late April.

Ballard would either need to have a perfect draft, make several trades, getting starters in all 7 rounds, or bring in some young talent to smooth the process and allow for picks to develop under the new coaching staff.

The good news is that there are some very attainable free agents who fit the Colts profile, and are likely on Ballard’s wish list. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be going hard after who we believe he should, but we do know that their are some young, talented free agents out there for the taking.

Today, I go through a handful of available free agents that I, if I were Chris Ballard, would have on my list to contact immediately at noon today in preparation for free agency which kicks off on Wednesday at 4 pm ET.

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