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Colts Cast: Latest Colts Free Agency Rumors; Is Chubb Truly Tops in Edge Class? with Trevor Sikkema

We knew there wouldn’t be a heavy dose of noise from Chris Ballard and the Indianapolis Colts immediately as the tampering period has kicked off. The Colts have been running a tight-lipped ship in Ballard’s first year as GM, but we’re always going to have rumors to talk about, and there have been a few of those.

We’ll go through the initial rumors of who the Colts may be targeting a few key positions, and hit the latest news, but we’ve also still got some NFL Draft to discuss as well.

Trevor Sikkema (Locked on NFL Draft, Pewter Report) stops by to discuss his views on this class, and we take a bit longer of a look at this group of edge rushers. How important are the flaws on some of the names we’re hearing the most about? Is Bradley Chubb truly the class’ top edge rusher? Is the running back class as deep as they say?

Trevor dives into it all with me, as well as taking a look at a few of the narratives surrounding the prospects/positional groups.

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