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Colts Send 3rd Pick to the Jets for a Handful of Picks

Indianapolis Colts Introduce Frank Reich Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Chris Ballard wants to build this Colts team up with young talent through the draft. With as many holes as this roster has, that takes a lot of picks. He has decided to maximize the Colts excellent position to get just that. In a big trade that broke this morning, the Colts have sent the 3rd overall pick to the New York Jets in exchange for the Jets’ 6th, 37th, and 49th picks in this draft, and a 2nd round pick next year.

This is huge for the Colts. Given the fervor over quarterbacks that is primed to take place early in this draft, moving back just 3 spots has allowed the Colts to get 2 additional picks in the top 50 this year as well as what is likely to be a top 50 pick in next year’s draft as well. What’s more, at 6, there are likely to still be many of the same options available for the Colts to select as would’ve been on the board at 3.

What this amounts to is that Chris Ballard very possibly has gotten to collect extra picks while still maintaining the ability to draft the guy he wants, which is a major win for the Colts. We knew that the Colts would be fielding lots of offers to move back in trades with teams who wanted to take a quarterback, but it is a little surprising to see such a big trade take place so early.

The interesting thing here is that with teams like the Bills, Cardinals, and Dolphins all looking at quarterback as well, it is totally possible that the Colts could move back again from 6 and collect still more picks if the guys they covet come off the board early. Will that happen? That remains to be seen. But by making this move now, they have that option come draft day if the offer is right.

Chris Ballard has received some criticism across the NFL media landscape from fans and pundits for his slow-moving approach to free agency. This move makes it clear that he has other plans, and that this draft is the main arm of those plans.

Here at Stampede Blue we will be putting out a complete draft guide on April 6th for those of you wanting to get an in-depth look at the players Ballard will be choosing from, but the talent the Colts are looking for is definitely there, and with all those picks in the top 50, this roster could look dramatically different come training camp.

Buckle up Colts fans, this offseason is just getting started.