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Live Colts Cast: Colts Add Picks in Trade with Jets, Release Johnathan Hankins; Listener Call-Ins

Tonight Matt Danely, Stephen Reed and Chris Blystone dive into the Indianapolis Colts trade with the New York Jets, and Johnathan Hankins’ unexpected release

With everything that has gone on in the past 24 hours, we just had to do a weekend show. Tonight at 10:30 ET we’ll be going live via our SB Colts Cast YouTube channel (here) and discuss everything about the Indianapolis Colts giving up the No. 3 overall pick for the New York Jets No. 6 overall selection and 3 second-round picks.

We will go in on how this affects the Colts options in their new draft slot, as well as give our opinions on if there could be any more moves around the corner.

The Colts also released Johnathan Hankins, who was one of their best defensive linemen last season. We’ll have something to say about that, as well as a better explanation as to why he was let go after only one year, and a very good season.

We’ll also be taking listener’s calls around 10:45 ET to get all of you involved, and answer all of your questions pertaining to today’s, and any future happenings. The number to get on the air is (574) 626-8689. Our own Stephen Reed and Chris Blystone will be joining the show tonight.

The show will be uploaded to our podcast platform as well shortly following the live show.

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