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Colts Cast: Possible Draft Shake-up; Colts New Scenarios; A Look at more Edge Rushers

Today we’re taking a look at the trade of Jason Pierre-Paul between the New York Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the possibilities that can arise from it. it was previously thought that the Indianapolis Colts would still be in position to take Bradley Chubb at No. 6, but this move could very much affect those chances.

We’ll talk about who are the other reasonable options at No. 6, whether trading back is possible still, and with which team that could occur with. Another group of possibilities come to the table with the Colts holding 3 second-round picks, and may actually become more possible if Chubb is gone.

We also touch on players who could be sitting at each spot, and which teams are potential trade partners within the range the Colts would be comfortable moving back to. I drop some of what I’ve seen from the rest of the edge rushers, especially a few intriguing options you may not know much about that could still be excellent picks.

I also go through some of the Colts latest news, re-signings and you can watch the video here:

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