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SBCL: Colts have plan if Chubb, Barkley, and Nelson are gone at 6

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NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

2018 NFL draft: Colts targeting Barkley, Chubb, Nelson
The Colts have been surprisingly forthcoming about their expectations for the 2018 NFL draft

Jim Irsay should feel confident Andrew Luck's shoulder has improved - Indianapolis Colts Blog- ESPN
When the Colts owner spoke with optimism about his quarterback last year, it sounded (and proved to be) unrealistic. This year is different.

NFL Meetings Day 1: Chris Ballard & Todd Bowles - ESPN
Adam Schefter talks to Colts GM Chris Ballard (:47) about Andrew Luck's health, the trade with the Jets, his interactions with Josh McDaniels and more. Plus, Jets coach Todd Bowles shares his perspective on the trade with the Colts, players he expects to step up this season and more (14:31).

KRAVITZ BLOG: Luck takes the next step; Reich says he’s throwing a football | 13 WTHR Indianapolis
Colts head coach Frank Reich said that while he hasn’t actually seen Luck throw a football, Luck is, in fact, throwing a football.

Colts head coach Frank Reich: Andrew Luck throwing ‘reduced-size’ football | FOX59
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It generally isn’t franchise-lifting news when it’s revealed a quarterback is throwing a football. But this is different. This is Andrew Luck. Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich revealed to reporters Tuesday at the owners meetings in Orlando, Fla.

Andrew Luck throwing footballs, according to Colts coach Frank Reich
The Colts QB hadn't thrown a football since October but he is working up to regulation size balls, Jim Irsay says Luck has 'turned the corner'

KRAVITZ: Josh McDaniels finally talks, and upon further review, he’s still a weasel | 13 WTHR Indianapolis
Then I read his first public utterances since he left the Colts at the altar, words he uttered to the Boston Globe’s Jim McBride Monday.

Josh McDaniels Rule will not be passed by NFL
Rule would have allowed teams to sign other teams' assistants during the playoffs after McDaniels backed out of an agreement with Colts

Colts owner Jim Irsay talks 2018 NFL draft and NFL free agency
quietly shocked the world. It was happening kind of behind the scenes and the trade was made. That was exciting and I think our fans started to get a little glimpse of what our plans are in terms of going forward.