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Colts Cast: Colts Can’t Afford to Pass on Bradley Chubb; Day 3 NFL Combine Impressions

Indianapolis Colts fans were taken in by Saquon Barkley and began to question whether or not they could afford to pass him up after his workout, but that completely got put on hold Sunday. Bradley Chubb took his crown right back with a great performance of his own.

Simply put, the Colts now may have to compete with others drafting even earlier. However, should the Colts have Chubb land in their laps, they absolutely cannot afford to pass on his talent and their dire need for a dominant pass rusher. Chubb’s tape say it, and now his complete athletic profile falls in line with it.

Additionally, we’ll talk about the rest of the impressive performances from Day 3 of the on-field workouts to discuss some others who either put themselves on the map, or possibly improved their draft profile as well.

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