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Colts Cast: NFL Combine Wrap-up; Chad Forbes Talks Colts Draft Strategy, Top Prospects

Chad Forbes joins Matt Danely to talk NFL Combine, the best draft strategy for the Indianapolis Colts and who he sees as the top prospects in this year’s NFL Draft.

Today we wrap up the NFL Scouting Combine with our look at the defensive backs. There are a large handful of names that we’ll want to keep our eyes on well into Day 2 and Day 3 of the NFL Draft.

Several of those who were expected to show out, did so, but there were some names most of us hadn’t previously heard who brought themselves into the conversation of the top athletes of the secondary.

Chad Forbes also stops by to talk about the Indianapolis Colts draft strategy and whether Saquon Barkley, Bradley Chubb or someone else is the pick at No. 3 overall. Is it more important for the Colts to get a boost to their pass rush, go with the sure thing along the offensive line to protect Andrew Luck, or is a generation running back the way to go for the Colts at the top of the draft?

He also lends his thoughts on Chris Ballard and how he has done in his first full year at the helm. Chad also has some interesting takes, as we discuss what he saw from the Combine over the past several days

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