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Live Colts Cast: Free Agency Primer; Listener Call-Ins

Matt Danely and Andrew Aziz take listener calls and discuss the Indianapolis Colts options in free agency

Now that the NFL Scouting Combine is behind us, the emergence of the hot zone between trade discussions, the legal tampering period and the official start to the new league year and free agency (March 14) has come upon us.

There are a handful of those who would have been suspected targets that are now off of the market after being tagged, but there are some ideal targets still available who could improve the Colts roster for the upcoming season.

Tonight, Andrew Aziz will join Matt Danely to discuss some of the Colts best free agent targets, which of them — if any — have the potential to alter the Colts draft strategy and will take listener’s calls on the matter as well.

We’ll be going live at 10:30 pm ET tonight — (929) 477-3993 — if you’d like to call in and get your question answered.

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