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Colts Cast: Memphis LB Genard Avery on His Road to the NFL Draft; 4-Round Colts Mock Draft

Matt rocks a Colts 4-round Fanspeak mock, Memphis linebacker Genard Avery joins the show and Jake closes it out with his Colts Q&A

Today we welcome Memphis linebacker, and exciting NFL Draft prospect, Genard Avery to the Colts Cast. Avery shows a ton of electricity on the field and you’ll soon see that he brings the same intensity just talking about football and his road to becoming a draft hopeful.

Avery talks about what makes him such a valued option for whoever drafts him, what his strengths are, he answers how versatile he can be at the linebacker position and whether he’s spoken to the Colts or not.

Avery also dives in to what situations he can exploit the offense and what he most loves to do on the football field.

Since you had to sit through — or maybe you didn’t — our best ball 2-round mock draft the other night, we go for a 4-round Fanspeak mock draft using Inside the Pylon’s big board and add another pick to the Colts arsenal of draft selections.

We close out the show with Jake Arthur’s Colts Q&A in case you missed his video earlier in the week.