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Colts Cast: Is the Colts Roster as Depleted as Nationally Perceived?

The Colts absolutely need playmakers out of this NFL Draft, but will the work behind the scenes by Chris Ballard pay the largest dividends early on in a rebuild?

The Indianapolis Colts have had a lot to come back from as Chris Ballard has taken over and is working to replenish talent on a poor roster. While the 2017 draft class has had some mixed results when considering injuries, questionable lack of playing time as well as the need for a couple to legitimately develop into reliable NFL talent, Ballard hasn’t been sitting idly by.

He has been adding supplementary talent over the past 12 months — much of it flying under the radar — and as thankless as it may be, it could turn out to have been some of the most important work he’s done for the roster.

There’s no questioning that the Colts need some play-makers, difference-makers who can push the roster to the next level. However, all of those moves that didn’t grab the headlines may have built up the depth enough in a couple of the Colts ‘need’ areas to where the addition of just one prospect could make a significant impact on the potential of the team in 2018.

The Colts offensive line needs help, without question, but do they need more than one lineman to make this group of protectors a quality group? If Jack Mewhort stays healthy and just one of the tackles improve, the addition of one very good prospect anywhere along the line could help them make a solid jump.

Similarly with the secondary. Does the cornerback group need a Day 1 starter, probably, but at which position, and does it even matter? What about the running back group? Defensive line? Just how much do these positions need to become a good-to-very good unit?

The receiver class isn’t top notch in this year’s draft, but how much does that matter for what the Colts actually have at the position. Experience aside, the unit may be better than even we give them credit for and could shed some need to grab one in the first two days of the draft.

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