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Colts Cast Fan Mock Draft: Picks 1 through 8

Today the Colts Cast kicks off its annual fan/team writer mock draft with the first 8 picks of the 2018 NFL Draft.

The NFL Draft is finally single-digit days from kicking off and we can finally end all of the speculation very soon as a result. Today, however, we’re still speculating and we kick off a mock draft of our own on the Colts Cast.

We offered fans and writers the opportunity to make the picks for their respective teams to see just how the chips would fall. There’s never a lack of interest when fans play GM for a day, and this mock is no different.

For the first episode of the series we go through the first 8 picks, which obviously includes the Indianapolis Colts. Though you can bet on a couple picks turning out how we’ve come to expect them to, there is always a surprise pick that potentially could change the order in which the dominoes fall.

Draft Order:

Cleveland Browns

New York Giants

New York Jets

Cleveland Browns

Denver Broncos

Indianapolis Colts

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chicago Bears

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