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NFL Network to Have Camera Inside Colts’ Draft War Room

On Thursday, NFL Media sent out a memo in regards to coverage of the 2018 NFL Draft. Among the information was their plans to continue having some live video shots from within the war rooms of 21 teams.

Courtesy of NFL Media

NFL Network’s 2018 NFL Draft coverage features the return of team war room cameras offering behind-the-scenes video access as team executives make their selections. This year, NFL Network will provide video access inside 21 team facilities, including the Cleveland Browns, marking the ninth consecutive year NFL Network has been inside the war room with the number one overall pick.

Your Indianapolis Colts are among the teams allowing NFL Network to shoot from their draft war room. A war room, by the way, that should be brand new and much bigger (if it’s done yet).

If I had to guess, we may hear from general manager Chris Ballard and/or head coach Frank Reich from the war room.

Of course, I wouldn’t get your hopes up about catching any glimpses of the Colts’ draft board or any other strategies, unless they pull a total Browns move and accidentally leave a part of their board in sight of cameras.

The Colts also allowed camera access in their war rooms recently in 2014 and 2017.

Coverage of the draft starts at 8:00 PM ET on Thursday, April 26, 7:00 PM ET on Friday, April 27 and 12:00 PM ET on Saturday, April 28.