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Colts Cast Fan Mock Draft: Picks 17 Through 24

The Los Angeles Chargers kick off the third quarter of this mock draft as we go through the next 8 selections, Picks 17 through 24.

Colts Cast: Picks 1-8

Colts Cast: Picks 9-16

Our fan/writer mock draft continues today as we kick things off with the Los Angeles Chargers at pick No. 17 and work through the Carolina Panthers and the No. 24 overall selection.

Thus far each team’s picks have been quality picks given the inability to trade, and each organization has acquired talent they need, and at the positions of need as well. Much of the same takes place with today’s picks.

We see some great value come off the board right away, as well as a bit of the draft’s best potential/developmental selections in some very interesting spots. There is also a major surprise pick in this group that may help those who follow.

Today’s Draft Order:

Los Angeles Chargers

Seattle Seahawks

Dallas Cowboys

Detroit Lions

Cincinnati Bengals

Buffalo Bills

New England Patriots

Carolina Panthers

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