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Player Profile: Dynamic RB Ronald Jones could be available Day 2

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2018 Stampede Blue NFL Draft Guide Player Profile

Ronald Jones could Flourish in Up-Tempo, Multiple Offense

Ronald Jones is one of the more well-rounded running backs in the 2018 NFL Draft. While the biggest knock against him is that he may be too light to carry the load for an NFL team, he displays the kind of toughness running inside the tackles that help him overcome some of his size limitations. There are numerous backs in this draft who fit into either the “run through you” camp or the “run around you” camp. Jones is one of the few who is entirely willing to do either.

He showed the ability to break arms tackles, carry defenders by keeping his legs moving and carrying his momentum through contact, and the speed to break big plays once he reaches the second level. He is surprisingly well regarded as a blocker and played in a pro style offense that featured Sam Darnold. There is every reason to believe that he could afford to put on 10 or so pounds without giving up much in terms of explosiveness or top speed — his Combine shows a 4.65 because he pulled him hamstring but he ran a 4.48 at his Pro Day (nursing the hamstring).

Keep in mind that Frank Reich has worked with backfields that share the load throughout much of his coaching career. He could very easily utilize Jones and Mack as interchangeable pieces to keep the offense fresh and balanced. Both players have enough speed to be dangerous and project to be utilized as pass-catchers out of the backfield. Unlike Mack, Jones can be relied upon as a blocker in the passing game and is far more familiar with running inside the tackles and a more traditional pro style offense.