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Player Profile: Don’t be Shocked if Marcus Davenport is the Lone First-Round Pick for Colts

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis picking Davenport at six isn’t as far-fetched of an idea as it may seem when contextualizing draft history and need at the position.

When exploring all the potential picks for Indianapolis this weekend, it’s important to take a look back at NFL Drafts from year’s past to get an understanding for any shocking picks that have the potential to occur. With the Indianapolis Colts, that potential surprise pick is selecting Marcus Davenport at No. 6.

While Matt Danely does have a round 3-4 grade on Marcus Davenport, he’s a lock to go in the first round of this year’s draft. You don’t find physical specimens like him — ones who are 6-foot-6-inches and run a 4.58 forty time — and I don’t find someone who has to rely on athleticism too much a bad trait, I think it’s actually very beneficial.

In the NFL technique can be thrown off by some of the best offensive tackles in the league, so having someone who can counteract that with sheer athleticism seems like a guy I want on the edge.

For the Colts, trading back from No. 3 has placed them in this predicament. While they would make that trade a million times more if the Jets continued to offer their abundance of picks, moving back to six virtually eliminates Bradley Chubb being available. I believe the Cleveland Browns at No. 4 or the Denver Broncos at No. 5 grab him as soon as they’re on the clock.

While I do find it more likely that Davenport is a pick in another trade-back scenario, I can’t say I’d be blown away if he was taken straight up at No. 6. It wouldn’t be the first time a freak athlete at EDGE from a small school was taken inside the top ten (Khalil Mack in 2014).

When I evaluate where teams will go in the first round, I make sure to look at who’s new to the organization in terms of coaching staff. The offense with Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton will suffice the desires for Frank Reich and Nick Siriani, but the defense needs it’s difference maker in the front seven.

Matt Eberflus, coming from the Dallas Cowboys, is looking to go out and get his DeMarcus Ware 2.0. Both Ware and Davenport are from small schools, ran a 4.6 or better in the forty while being over 250 pounds — 251 for Ware, 264 for Davenport — and have insane length to complement their speed and overall athleticism. Elevated coaches take pieces with them from city to city when they land new jobs, be sure to understand that Eberflus is looking to get his hands on his next DeMarcus Ware.