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Player Profile: Will Harold Landry’s Superstar Potential Entice the Colts?

The Colts still need pass rushers and no player better projects as a rushing defensive end than Harold Landry.

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2018 Stampede Blue NFL Draft Guide Player Profile

The ceiling for Harold Landry is through the roof, the Colts would be wise to recognize his value in a trade-back scenario.

With Bradley Chubb assumedly off the board, the Colts may consider trading back into the middle of the first round. If they do, the most natural pass-rusher of this class could fall right on to the laps of Chris Ballard and Co. on Thursday.

For the Colts, Landry would be the perfect guy to place on the edge and with his hand in the dirt. While he’s a little undersized for a three-down 4-3 defensive end — I think his upper-body strength needs improvement especially — he’s one of the more fluid athletes at the position, and is extremely crafty when working against offensive linemen. He may need to spend some time as just a pure pass-rusher, but a few years down the road I believe he can have more value on early downs.

There are several things to look forward to if Landry lands with the ‘Shoe. His lateral quickness and ability to seamlessly change direction will be key when facing mobile quarterbacks in the division like Marcus Mariota and Deshaun Watson. His long arms and bend will allow him to create pressure and disrupt passing lines until he can develop technically and physically to make bigger contributions against the run. His instincts are uncanny — he doesn't just look to bring the quarterback down, he focuses on the throwing arm and is a strip sack waiting to happen.

While there are certainly concerns about Landry’s floor, his ceiling is by far the highest of the pass rushers in this draft. Down the road, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the best pass rusher from this draft.