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Colts Cast: Examining Colts Trade Scenarios; Possible Compensation

The Indianapolis Colts’ 6th overall pick has been the focus of much conversation in the past several weeks. Today Matt Danely and Stephen Reed break down a ton of scenarios, and possible compensation Chris Ballard may be getting in return.

The 2018 NFL Draft is tomorrow folks, like just over 36 hours away. On today’s show Stephen Reed joined Matt Danely to discuss, and examine several trade scenarios for the Indianapolis Colts.

We look at 6 specifically, ranging from only 2 quarterbacks coming off the board — and 3 non-quarterbacks — all the way up to 4 passers being drafted before the Colts No. 6 overall selection adding different players left to choose from in each.

As we continued through our possibilities, we learned that Chris Ballard has his hands full when it all comes down to it. Who does he value higher than the others who could possibly be staring him in the face at No. 6? Which prospects does he bypass to accept a trade back scenario?

We all have our opinions on the matter, but we couldn’t possibly know for sure how Ballard’s mind is working right now.

Additionally, Stephen and Matt look at the possible compensation the Colts could receive in return for the Colts’ No. 6 selection. Each team has some options, some more than other obviously, but this discussion breaks down a lot of what could be available as well as what benefits Ballard may find with each.

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