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The Stampede Blue Colts Cast will Live Broadcast the 2018 NFL Draft

Looking for the NFL Draft show that is tailor made for Colts fans? Follow the live broadcast from the Stampede Blue Colts Cast. Join us on site at the Metazoa Brewing Company on Friday for Round 2 and 3 as well.

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We are excited to announce that the Stampede Blue Colts Cast will be live broadcasting the 2018 NFL Draft. Our coverage will start approximately a half hour before the draft Thursday through Saturday. We plan for you to be able to steam the videocast via YouTube live and will attempt to simulcast via FB Live on Friday. We hope that this will provide the Colts fan community with a far superior option to listening to the talking heads on major networks like ESPN and the NFL network who tend to only discuss the Colts for a matter of a few minutes each day of the draft.

For those who live in the Indianapolis area, we will be live on-site at the Metazoa Brewing Company downtown on Friday for Round 2-3. We welcome anyone who is looking for a cool place to hang out to swing by during our live broadcast. If you’re coming to join us, be sure to mention it to the staff at Metazoa as we may return for future on-site broadcasts, pre-games, or other events in the future.

Please follow us on YouTube for all of our videos, live podcasts, and for a chance to interact live with hosts and guests on the show. If you don’t already, give us a follow on Facebook as well. We do plan to utilize Facebook live more in 2018 to offer quick commentary and breaking news. We hope that our work this weekend will set the stage for expanding video content as a part of the Colts Cast.

Thank you all so much for being a part of the community and for all of your support in our efforts to grow and expand. We look forward to interacting with many of you throughout the live broadcast this weekend and in our podcasts and live video casts in the future.

2018 NFL Draft Schedule

Day One — Round 1

Thursday, April 26th at 8 PM ET — Colts Cast Live Broadcast at ~7:30 PM ET

Day Two — Rounds 2-3

Friday, April 27th at 7 PM ET — Colts Cast Live at Metazoa Brewing Company at ~6:30 PM ET

Day Three — Rounds 4-7

Saturday, April 28th at 12 PM ET — Colts Cast Live Broadcast at ~11:30 AM ET

Posted by Stampede Blue: For Indianapolis Colts Fans on Monday, April 23, 2018