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2018 NFL Draft: TV Schedule, Dates, Times, Channels, Time Per Pick

2018 NFL Draft TV Schedule and Broadcast Options

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The long-awaited 2018 NFL draft starts tonight. This has been one of the most anticipated Colts drafts in years, particularly after general manager Chris Ballard traded down three spots from the third overall pick and was able to add two top-50 picks in this draft — and a bonus second rounder in 2019. Depending on what happens in the top five picks, Ballard will again have the NFL world buzzing about what the Colts will do.

There is speculation that he could trade back again, especially after his comments suggesting that there are 8 premium players in the draft and four quarterbacks who are likely to go early. No matter what he decides to do, Colts nation will be ready to celebrate adding a top flight talent to a roster in desperate need to fill a lot of weaknesses.

Day 1: Round 1

When: Thursday, April 26th at 8 PM ET

Time per pick: 10 minutes

Colts’ picks: 6th

TV channels: ESPN, FOX, Stampede Blue Colts Cast & NFL Network

Colts fans should plan on tuning in no later than 8:30 pm ET to ensure they see what happens with pick 6. The first few picks may not require the full 10 minute allotment and this estimate should be relatively safe. An average of 6 minutes per pick for the first five is probably quicker than will happen but it could allow views time to finish dinner.

Day 2: Rounds 2 & 3

When: Friday, April 27th at 7 PM ET

Time per pick: 7 minutes for round 2; 5 minutes for round 3

Colts’ picks: Round 2: 4th (36th), 5th (37th), & 17th (49th); Round 3: 3rd (67th)

TV channels: ESPN 2, FOX, Stampede Blue Colts Cast & NFL Network

Day 3: Rounds 4 through 7

When: Saturday, April 28th at 12 PM ET

Time per pick: 5 minutes for rounds 4-6; 4 minutes for round 7

Colts’ picks: Round 4: 4th (104th); Round 5: 3rd (140th); Round 6: 4th (178th) Round 7: 3rd (221st)

TV channels: ESPN, ABC, Stampede Blue Colts Cast & NFL Network