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2018 NFL Draft Day 2 Predictions for the Indianapolis Colts

NFL: NFL Draft Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Looking back at what the first round brought us, I began to wonder what might happen tonight on Day 2. If anyone thought they had any idea of what might happen yesterday and they tell you they have a good idea what might happen today, that person is a liar. But being correct isn’t where the fun is for me as it relates to the draft. Instead, it’s day dreaming up the scenarios, the ideas, the possibilities and the fact that every kid drafted today has the best possible outcome projected to become reality, when we know that can’t possibly happen.

So with that in mind, I’ve come up with some ideas that I’m going to call predictions. I don’t know if they’re going to be anywhere close to correct, but they could be entertaining to poke fun at how wrong they turn out to be 12 hours from now.

For giggles, after reading my predictions, leave one of your own and we’ll all be able to laugh at how wrong we all were.

Without further ado:

  1. The Indianapolis Colts will draft Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa if he is available with one of their first two picks. This pick just makes too much sense. Quincy Wilson isn’t the same guy that Jackson is, but they’re similar. Jackson’s scouting report reads like a perfect zone CB and seems like exactly the kind of guy that Chris Ballard would target in the second round.
  2. Ballard will trade at least once on Day 2. I don’t know which pick it will be, I don’t know which team it will be with, and I don’t even know what round Ballard will trade into or out of. What I do believe is that Ballard wants more darts to throw, so a trade just makes sense. For all I know, he could trade up and have fewer picks than before. Stranger things have happened.
  3. The Colts’ offense will get stronger despite the massive needs on the defensive side of the ball. I’m not saying the Colts will pass on all defensive players (I’m predicting Jackson, duh), what I am saying is that I believe that the team believes the offense can be a strength with Andrew Luck back and healthy, and in order to do that he’s going to need weapons. As a result we’re going to leave some good defenders on the board tonight.
  4. Fans are going to hate at least one, but probably two of the picks. The reason they will hate them is because I don’t believe we’re going to take Harold Landry or Josh Sweat. Both are talented pass rushers who are said to have major medical concerns. As a result, the pitchforks will come out, because Ballard’s big board was modified after team doctors examined the prospects.
  5. The Colts will draft one player with a questionable background tonight. Most people are going to guess Antonio Callaway, the receiver from Florida, who is bad at stealing money (he got caught). Others might point elsewhere. I have no idea where to point but I feel comfortable pointing to the idea. Ballard is a guy that believes in second chances and it feels like it’s time for him to draft a guy who needs a second chance in a big way. Tonight’s the night, friends.
  6. Two of the Colts’ draft picks tonight will bust. I don’t like it, but statically speaking this is a very safe prediction.
  7. Mel Kiper Jr. will finally come out and say that he will always hate the Colts because he’s from Baltimore and the Irsay’s broke his heart all those years ago. He will also call for a Mayflower moving company boycott.
  8. The Philadelphia Eagles‘ second-round pick, the 52nd overall, will be the most entertaining selection of the night. Who could forget this moment in Philadelphia during the 2017 draft?:

Well, tonight the world champion Eagles will send former kicker David Akers to the podium and one of two things are bound to happen; he’ll provide a fantastic, passionate response to Drew Pearson’s amazing pick announcement last year, or Dallas Cowboys fans will drown out the kicker and there will be mass confusion as to who the Eagles have selected. Either way, prepare to be entertained in a big way.

My ultimate prediction:

It’s going to be a fun night that will either reshape the Indianapolis Colts into contenders or sets us back by another 2-4 years. So you know, no big deal.

Enjoy it, kids!