If we stay at 6, who are your top guys?

While I would be open to trading down if it means we get a HAUL (say 12, 22, a 3rd rounder and next years 1st from Buffalo), I think the most likely scenario is we stay put and draft. Save a few QB's, there is a possibility everyone else will be sitting at 6 when we draft. I think the most likely scenario is 3 QB's going in the top 5 but I think worst case is only 2 do.

So let's say 2 QB's go in the top 5. If you're Ballard, you have your big board and know who you want at 6. Who would be your top 4 non-QB's and what would be your breaking point where you would prefer to trade down if possible because you don't think x player is worth #6 overall?

For example, my top 4 in order are Edmunds/Chubb/Nelson/Barkley, with my breaking point at Barkley. In other words, if Edmunds, Chubb or Nelson are there, I am thrilled and very unlikely to trade down. If Barkley is that last guy still available out of the 4 above when we draft, I am looking to trade down if I can find really good value. If not I take him and would still be fairly happy about it.

Again assuming at minimum 2 QB's are gone, who are your top 4 and at what point (if any) in those top 4 are you looking to trade down vs. being thrilled to get your guy?

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