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Live Colts Cast: Colts Draft Discussion; Listener Call-Ins

Chris Blystone joins Matt Danely to discuss more about the Colts draft situations and will take listener call-ins

It’s time for another live Colts Cast to talk about some interesting draft situations the Indianapolis Colts could find themselves in.

Tonight Chris Blystone will join Matt Danely, going live on our YouTube channel, to take a look at the Colts first few rounds of selections, Chris will talk about some of the safeties that he scouted and we’ll be taking listener call-ins as well.

You can call in if you’d like to join the conversation, or get any questions you may have answered as the lines will open up to take calls at 10:45 EDT. The number to call in is 574-626-8689. You may be placed on hold as your call comes in, but we’ll get to your call as soon as the show permits.

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