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Colts Draft: Ranking Their Last 10 Second-round Picks

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How do the Colts’ last 10 second-round draft picks compare to each other?

Indianapolis Colts v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

We now move on to ranking the last 10 second-rounders for the Indianapolis Colts. Overall, this has been a pretty underwhelming bunch. However, a couple of young defensive backs can help salvage the group.

1. Coby Fleener | 2012 – Pick 34 Overall | Tight End | Stanford

Colts Career Stats: Started 45-of-60 games, 183 receptions (313 targets), 2,154 yards (11.8 avg), 17 TD

Pro Bowl: 0x

All-Pro: 0x

Colts Tenure: 2012-’15

Fleener taking the top spot may be surprising, but it just goes to show you how non-fruitful the Colts’ recent second-round picks have been. He may have had inconsistent hands, but he was almost always available for the Colts. In his four seasons in Indianapolis, he didn’t miss any games in his final three (missed four as a rookie), and he was the last consistent downfield presence that the Colts have had at tight end.

2. Jack Mewhort | 2014 – Pick 59 Overall | Offensive Guard | Ohio State

Colts Career Stats: Started 45-of-45 games

Pro Bowl: 0x

All-Pro: 0x

Colts Tenure: 2014-Present

Mewhort has been a solid piece of the Colts’ offensive line since he was drafted, but his problem is he’s struggled to actually stay on the field. In his four years, he’s missed 19 games and has only played a full season in 2015. However, the Colts re-signed him this offseason. They know him better than any other team in the NFL, so it must mean they are confident he will be healthy enough to play for them in 2018. When healthy, you could argue that he is an above-average guard in the NFL.

3. Pat Angerer | 2010 – Pick 63 Overall | Linebacker | Iowa

Colts Career Stats: Started 39-of-54 games, 327 tackles (14 TFL), 2.5 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovered, 2 interceptions, 8 pass breakups

Pro Bowl: 0x

All-Pro: 0x

Colts Tenure: 2010-’13

Another player brought down by injuries, Angerer was a productive player for the Colts when he was on the field, even ranking fourth in the NFL in tackles during his second season (148). However, in his final two seasons with the Colts, he missed 10 games and was moved in and out of the starting lineup under Chuck Pagano’s then-new coaching staff. Angerer was not re-signed by the Colts following his rookie contract, and he retired the following year.

4. Fili Moala | 2009 – Pick 56 Overall | Defensive Tackle | USC

Colts Career Stats: Started 45-of-64 games, 88 tackles (8 TFL), 3.5 sacks, 2 fumbles recovered, 3 pass breakups

Pro Bowl: 0x

All-Pro: 0x

Colts Tenure: 2008-’14

Moala was a highly-regarded prospect entering the 2008 draft but concerns regarding his durability allowed him to be available to the Colts at 56. Unfortunately, those concerns came true and Moala ended up another player who couldn’t stay healthy long enough to make much of an impact. Pagano’s staff actually seemed to want him involved, as he fit the five-tech spot very well in the 3-4. Moala ended his season on Injured Reserve each year from 2012-’14.

5. Mike Pollak | 2008 – Pick 59 Overall | Interior Offensive Line | Arizona State

Colts Career Stats: Started 41-of-58 games

Pro Bowl: 0x

All-Pro: 0x

Colts Tenure: 2008-’11

This was near the start of a somewhat bizarre draft that saw the Colts select three centers (though Pollak moved to guard). Pollak was an adequate, yet unspectacular player for the Colts, starting the majority of the game he played with an ability to play center or guard.

6. Tim Jennings | 2006 – Pick 62 Overall | Cornerback | Georgia

Colts Career Stats: Started 21-of-53 games, 161 tackles (6 TFL), 3 forced fumbles, 2 fumbles recovered, 4 interceptions, 20 pass breakups

Pro Bowl: 0x

All-Pro: 0x

Colts Tenure: 2006-’09

Jennings had a successful career after he moved on from the Colts to the Chicago Bears, but it took him a while to develop with the Colts. Jennings being 5-8 obviously cost him some big plays to taller receivers, but he always had ball skills. When he got to Chicago, he turned into a big-time playmaker. He had 16 picks in his five years in Chicago, which helped him make two Pro Bowls and one All-Pro team.

7. Quincy Wilson | 2017 – Pick 46 Overall | Cornerback | Florida

Colts Career Stats: Started 5-of-7 games, 22 tackles (2 TFL), 1 interception, 6 pass breakups

Pro Bowl: 0x

All-Pro: 0x

Colts Tenure: 2017-Present

There was a lot of weirdness surrounding Wilson’s rookie season. For starters he was a second round pick, and a player that probably should’ve been taken in the first round. He was actually a lot of people’s top-ranked corner in the draft. You would think, then, that’s a guy who’s playing right away. Wrong. Starting back in training camp, Wilson didn’t get valuable reps that other, lesser players did. In his first start in Week 2, he played really well. He dealt with a minor knee ailment which was a valid reason to keep him out at times, but he literally didn’t play from Week 3 to Week 12! Pagano and defensive coordinator Ted Monachino tried to give reasoning for it during the season, but it never made sense. Point blank: when Wilson was in the lineup, he looked good. He’s penciled in as a starter this year.

8. T.J. Green | 2016 – Pick 57 Overall | Safety | Clemson

Colts Career Stats: Started 11-of-31 games, 88 tackles (3 TFL), 3 pass breakups

Pro Bowl: 0x

All-Pro: 0x

Colts Tenure: 2016-Present

Green hasn’t lived up to his hype yet, but this is a critical year ahead. Year 3 is usually when you start saying you know who a player is and whether or not they’ll be good. He was a project to begin with, and although he improved in his second year, he’s not the dynamic playmaker he was billed to be (yet). Back in March, Green tweeted “Clean Slate. Watch this.” Considering he hasn’t been released, you could take away that what Green has done with the Colts in the past is history and the new coaching staff has a plan for him.

9. Tony Ugoh | 2007 – Pick 42 Overall | Offensive Tackle | Arkansas

Colts Career Stats: Started 27-of-37 games

Pro Bowl: 0x

All-Pro: 0x

Colts Tenure: 2007-’09

All you need to know on this one is that Anthony Castonzo was drafted in 2011 to erase the mistake of selecting Ugoh. Ugoh was supposed to take over the left tackle spot for the Colts following Tarik Glenn’s retirement, but it didn’t exactly work that way. Ugoh missed plenty of time with injury and was yanked in and out of the starting lineup. The Colts tried to replace him at tackle but were forced to play him to fill in due to injury. They let him go after his planned replacement, Charlie Johnson, returned from injury. On a side note, part of Ugoh’s shaky tenure with the team led the Colts to bring Joe Reitz into the organization, so something came of it.

10. Ben Ijalana | 2011 – Pick 49 Overall | Offensive Line | Villanova

Colts Career Stats: Started 0-of-4 games

Pro Bowl: 0x

All-Pro: 0x

Colts Tenure: 2011-’12

Ijalana has had a full NFL career with the New York Jets to this point, but it never got off the ground with the Colts. He tore an ACL in his rookie and second seasons, only seeing four total games. The Colts parted ways with him after he spent both seasons on Injured Reserve. It sounds like some in the Colts organization were awfully skeptical of Ijalana for much of his time with the team.