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Colts Cast: Discussing Colts Rookie Mini Camp, Camp Battles in the Making with George Bremer

George Bremer joins Matt Danely to discuss the Colts rookie mini camp, a bit about the veterans, camp battles and much more.

On today’s Colts Cast we take a look at Indianapolis Colts’ rookie mini camp, discussing initial reactions from this rookie crew with George Bremer.

We dig in on multiple topics on this episode including who the standouts have been thus far, how the culture is noticeably changing and being felt by everyone involved as well as who has been that guy continually being mentioned by the coaching staff.

We discuss the Colts offensive line, the front seven of the defense and actually climb into many conversations on various players, positions and camp battles we’re most excited to witness.

We go heavy on how Chris Ballard is shaping this roster and how the process will continue to improve each aspect of each relationship from coach to GM, and player to coach. Continuing with how he will build an understanding that benefits the Colts’ future in maintaining top players, and becoming an organization premier players in their prime will want to become a part of.

If you’ve ever listened to George and I on the show, you know that our conversations can end up just about anywhere. Today is no different. Enjoy.

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