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Colts Cast: Examining the Colts’ New Linebacker Corps, Players’ Responsibilities and Role Fits

With some requests to get more familiar with the Indianapolis Colts’ new linebackers, today we discuss exactly that. The Colts drafted three new linebackers, added a couple from the UDFA class and will have to determine which will hold each role within the new scheme.

There are some of the holdovers from last season who will have to find a role they can develop and succeed in, and they aren’t exactly so cut and dry as you might expect.

For example: Antonio Morrison hasn’t been a guy who has excelled as the Colts would have liked him to thus far. Where does he fit? Can he succeed in that role, and how long is his rope?

On the other hand, we have Anthony Walker who was drafted last year and was seeing a heavy snap load before he was hurt, and never really got back into the mix when he came back. Where does he fit in the new system?

Najee Goode was brought in through free agency and has, both, familiarity with Frank Reich and experience that this group might need. With such a wide open competition and roles yet to be defined, could he actually be a shoo-in for one of the thinner of the three roles?

Matt also goes into the running back position, the cornerbacks as well as updating you with all of the Cols recent news.

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