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Colts’ Draft Gets Impressive Review from PFF

Kansas v Rutgers Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts are set to get OTAs underway as the offseason schedule continues to move right along. Between now and the September the Colts will get a much clearer picture as to what they have with their new additions, especially with their rookies.

We’ve seen and heard the different grades analysts are handing out to each team according to how they perceived each draft prospect, and a few days ago Pro Football Focus released theirs for the Colts.

PFF’s system is certainly an interesting piece of trying to gather a complete picture, between the eyeball test and analytics, when evaluating players in the NFL, and now college as well.

Qualifying PFF’s process with the statement that it should’t be viewed as the final word when looking at players is necessary, but when considering that they watch every play, their viewpoints on the Colts 2018 NFL Draft class is interesting to take in.