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Live Colts Cast: Colts Minicamp Hype; Listener Call-Ins; Training Camp Dates all Set

Matt Danely takes listeners calls and discusses the Colts latest news as the team sets for their final practice of the offseason program

The Indianapolis Colts have now completed their second minicamp practice and the Colts’ coordinators have returned to the mic. Additionally, the Colts have released their schedule for their initial training camp at Grand Park, focusing heavily on the fans due to their having to shut them out a year ago.

Today, we open up the phones again to take listener’s calls and end up diving into the offensive skill positions. How does the tight end unit shake out? Are there any real individual difference makers in the running back group? How pivotal is the battle for the No.2 receiver position going to be? These are just a few of the questions we attempt to decipher.

Additionally, the defensive line gets some heavy attention in this round of calls. How will Jabaal Sheard be used? Can John Simon contribute and offer something to the Colts defense that none of the youngsters cans? Is Quincy Wilson the top CB? How will Kenny Moore be used in 2018?

Many good calls on today’s live show for your listening pleasure.

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