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Colts Cast: How Likely are Colts to Make a Bid in NFL Supplemental Draft?

The NFL Supplemental Draft is right around the corner. Will Chris Ballard take his chances on one of these interesting talents?

This year’s NFL Supplemental Draft has garnered a ton of attention due to the trio of defensive backs who have already been accepted into the process. Sam Beal, Adonnis Alexander and Brandon Bryant are three very skilled players who have been initially regarded quite highly on talent level alone.

Per the usual, some academic and personal issues have given some players the ability to make a play to get into the league and with the lack of legitimate depth in the Colts’ secondary, the question of Chris Ballard making bid on one, or more of them shouldn’t be discounted.

Jordan Reid joined me on today’s show to give us the skinny on these prospects, what their respective ceilings may be, who fits where in terms of scheme, who is the real prize from this group and much more.

We also talk about the Colts secondary as it stands today, and how taking one of these players could affect the future of the group as well as weighing the options between grabbing one now versus holding onto the draft picks and waiting for next year’s draft to see what will be available at that time.

Jordan has researched these players well, and he gives us a wealth of great insight into what each of them offer.

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