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Live Colts Cast: Latest Colts News; Listener Call-Ins

Matt Danely and Stephen Reed will be going live around 10:30 pm ET to take your calls for the next Colts Cast.

Now that we’ve had another week of very little Indianapolis Colts’ related news, let’s open up the phone lines again for another live show with call-ins. We will briefly discuss the little bit of team news that does exist, and some league wide NFL news that may affect the Colts in the long run, but then we’re getting down to questions from you.

The number is 574-626-8689 just listen for the prompt to begin calling in. Stephen Reed will be joining me, and we’ll be kicking off around 10:30 pm ET. If you don’t wish to call in, you can follow the show live on our YouTube channel, or can await the podcast from the show tomorrow.

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