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Stampede Blue’s Jake Arthur will become Contributing Writer

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Every once in awhile, the hard work of those who you have the opportunity to work with almost every day pays off. For members of the sports blogging community, those times can be few and far between. A considerable amount of time is invested and effort is put forth by those who contribute to Stampede Blue, as well as those who contribute to numerous other fan or “amateur” generated news portals. Perhaps no other member of the Stampede Blue writing community has invested more of his time to generating relevant team-specific content, fantasy content, and even podcast and video contributions than our very own Jake Arthur.

We received the bittersweet news that Jake will be moving on from Stampede Blue to become a contributing writer on earlier this week. This is a fantastic career opportunity and we couldn’t be more excited to see him move into a role that acknowledges years of hard work and gives a nod to the “amateur” writers and content producers for non-traditional media sources like SB Nation and Stampede Blue. We hope that this will open up the opportunity for future team members to step into more official roles moving forward and have no doubt that Jake will make us proud.

Please take a moment to congratulate Jake for his hard work, for an amazing opportunity, and let him know that we look forward to reading his work on We hope that Jake will stay an active member of the community, even if he is not writing on our front page, and welcome him to contribute on the Stampede Blue Colts Cast or in any other way his new role will allow.

Congratulations, Jake! It has been a great pleasure and I look forward to even bigger and better things from you in the future. Give the team some love from the Stampede Blue community whenever you get the chance.