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Stampede Blue’s Supplemental Draft Primer

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The NFL Supplemental Draft takes place tomorrow, July 11.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Supplemental Draft takes place tomorrow at 1:00pm EST on July 11. Here are the three players the Colts are most likely interested in and could be wearing the Horseshoe in the Fall.

Sam Beal - CB - Western Michigan

  • Height: 6-0 7/8
  • Weight: 178 (played around 190)
  • Round Projection: 3-5

Beal is widely considered the be the gem of this year’s Supplemental Draft. He showed well at his Pro-Day posting numbers that would put him in the top third of CBs drafted in 2018. He’s tall and played around 190 lbs. While he played almost exclusively in a man coverage scheme, he has the versatility and athletic ability to transition to a zone scheme. Unlike most Supplemental Draft eligible players, Beal does not have the traditional red flags, i.e., failed drug tests, criminal allegations.

The issues with Beal are his unwillingness to get involved in run support and low interception totals. In run support, Beal waits until the last minute to make a move and take on the ball carrier. He’s not a bad tackler, just seems uninterested in it. Despite getting a lot of pass break ups, Beal only had two interceptions, which is a bit concerning. One would expect a top CB prospect to convert some of those attempts into turnovers.

Colts Projection: Of the three likely candidates, I could see Ballard ranking Beal highest and putting in a Supplemental Draft bid for him. However, I don’t believe the Colts will put anything higher than a Round 3 bid, with a Round 4 being far more likely. I’d expect a Round 4 pick due to the expected compensatory pick they expect to recoup from Donte Moncrief. Many say it will take a Round 2. That may be true. However, I don’t see any way that Ballard gives up a second round pick for Beal. It just doesn’t fit Ballard’s general draft pedagogy to give up a Day 2 pick.

Adonis Alexander - CB - Virginia Tech

  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 195
  • Round Projection: 5-7

Alexander is a tall and lanky CB prospect. He’s physical and seems to like contact. Similar to Beal, Alexander played in a primarily press-man CB role. Alexander does have solid hands and can make some amazing, highlight reel style plays.

Alexander is limited. He’s almost exclusively a press-man CB option based on his style. He’s not fast enough to maintain that in the NFL and will need to transition to a zone scheme where his deficiencies can be masked. However, he shows questionable instincts in zone so that leaves him in a tough spot. The other major issue with Alexander is the red-flags. He was arrested for marijuana possession at Virginia Tech and was suspended at least twice by the team.

Colts Projection: I’ve gone back and forth on Alexander. I think he could be had for a Round 6 pick in the Supplemental Draft if he didn’t have those red-flags. With those off-field concerns, I have a hard time seeing Alexander getting selected. I don’t see Ballard taking the chance on Alexander despite his prototypical size. If Ballard does place a bid, it probably won’t be for more than a Round 7 pick.

Brandon Bryant - S - Mississippi State

  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 207
  • Round Projection: 6-UDFA

Bryant is a short but powerful safety. He’s incredibly fast and athletic. Bryant is very willing in run support with good vision to read and react when he recognizes the run. He’s a violent hitter. Bryant has decent hands but needs to play in zone coverage to be effective. Bryant could come in and contribute immediately on special teams.

Bryant’s film is inconsistent. Partly due to him, partly due to the coaches at Mississippi State. His athleticism jumps off the page. He’s easily one of the more athletic players on that defense. However, he wasn’t a starter and played sparingly when his skill set would have benefited Mississippi State the most. It’s a bit perplexing. Bryant is a liability in man coverage so he shouldn’t be matched up in the slot against a TE. Similar to Alexander, Bryant also has some off-field flags. He was arrested for a DUI in January 2017. Some question his willingness to play football.

Colts Projection: Ballard could realistically be more interested in putting in a late round bid on Bryant than he would be on Alexander. One of the big positives for Bryant is his willingness and ability to contribute on special teams immediately. Ballard loves those types of players. He’s athletic, fast and violent. Those are all traits Ballard loves. That all being said, if Ballard were to put in a bid on Bryant, I’d expect it to be a Round 7.

Overall Expectation:

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Ballard not select any players in the Supplemental Draft. It also wouldn’t be surprising to see Ballard make two selections in the Supplemental Draft. If he were to select two players, I’d put my money on Beal with a Round 4 and Bryant with a Round 7. Typically, in the Supplemental Draft, most players go a round or two later than they would have been taken in the April draft, which is why I slot Beal and Bryant where I do. If Ballard can get both players, the Colts secondary and special teams will get an immediate upgrade.

If Ballard doesn’t get both of those players in the Supplemental Draft, I’d expect him to immediately pursue CB Bashaud Breeland and one of S Tre Boston, S Kenny Vacarro or S Eric Reid to fill those voids.

Enjoy the last few weeks of vacation before football returns on July 25 at Grand Park Sports Complex in Westfield.


Should the Colts place a bid in the Supplemental Draft? If so, whom should they select?

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  • 40%
    Nope. Keep the draft picks, they’re too valuable.
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  • 33%
    Yes, Beal for a Round 3-4 pick.
    (166 votes)
  • 5%
    Yes, Alexander for a late round pick.
    (29 votes)
  • 8%
    Yes, Bryant for a late round pick
    (43 votes)
  • 12%
    Absolutely, and they should double dip!
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