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NFL Supplemental Draft Results: Two Prospects Taken, Neither by Colts

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81st Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic - Western Michigan v Wisconsin Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Many Indianapolis Colts fans were awaiting the NFL Supplemental Draft to see if Chris Ballard would take a shot at one of the defensive backs available. The Colts are noticeably inexperienced on the back end which would make any of these prospects a possible focus point for Ballard attempting to reel in more young talent to add to the roster.

Here are the results from today’s draft:

The New York Giants used a third-round pick to acquire former Western Michigan cornerback Sam Beal. Beal has been considered the prize from this group, and was the one of this bunch that most Colts fans hoped for if any. Beal was considered to be a prospect worthy of this selection as some had him in their top-50 from the 2018 NFL Draft class, while others had him a bit lower on their boards.

Either way, this isn’t a major reach just to net the best of the small supplemental class. Beal will add some excellent coverage skills to the Giants’ secondary.

In the sixth round, the Washington Redskins placed the winning bid on Virginia Tech’s Adonis Alexander. Alexander was one of the riskier options from this group due to his off-the-field issues on top of any academic problems. Most teams can handle ineligibility when it comes to the classroom, but trying to rite the ship with personality, coaching and substance issues is a whole other ball of wax.

Brandont Bryant was another defensive back who was expected to get some close looks from NFL teams among this small group. He was expected to garner a seventh-round bid, if any, but he failed to get picked by anyone as the draft came to a close. Bryant is a safety, and with the NFL’s recent lack of safety acquisition with some of the league’s best free agents available, this doesn’t come as a shock.

He was on the record saying that the Colts were one of his two favorite interviews, so that doesn’t mean the Colts aren’t interested just the same.

Bryant does have some great results from his pro day and will certainly get a spot in camp somewhere as a UDFA. Other eligible players who did not get picked were Martayveus Carter — a running back from Grand Valley State — and Oregon linebacker Bright Ugwoegbu.

That the Colts did not win the services of any of these players — pending later knowledge of an unsuccessful bid being placed on one — does not surprise Colts fans with the understanding of Chris Ballard’s process. Young talent is needed, and fun to have, but as we’ve heard from, both, he and Frank Reich, they like what they have in the secondary.