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What are the most realistic expectations for the Colts record in 2018?

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The Indianapolis Colts are a team that is undergoing a drastic transition on both sides of the football in 2018. Assuming Andrew Luck returns to the field, and that he is able to get back into rhythm by the halfway point of the regular season, the offensive side of the ball will likely work itself into shape. The defensive side of the ball has more question-marks, primarily due to a defensive scheme change that requires new personnel. It is entirely unrealistic to expect that the Colts defense will make an immediate and smooth transition to the new scheme, particularly without the benefit for multiple off-seasons to address positional weaknesses — along with a general manager who is not interested in using free agency to address many of the issues until the chemistry in the locker room takes shape.

Accepting the reality that the Colts are a team in transition, under a brand new coaching staff, and a second-year general manager, what is a realistic expectation for the 2018 season?

JMV and Mike Chappell recently discussed the disparity in opinions and expectations among the fan base and the media.

JMV: “People tell me that if Andrew Luck plays and this team goes 8-8 this year, there will be massive disappointment. Do you believe that?”

MC: “That’s crazy. First, I will say when he [Luck] plays, he is not going to be in top form. It is just not reasonable to expect that. Even with him, there is still roster deficiencies. If they go 7-9, 8-8 with Luck in the division even, that’s a very good season. That’s not trying to be a homer, that is just a fact. Anyone who thinks that 8-8 would be a disappointment, they’re delusional. This team is not, even with Luck, is not playoff ready at all.

JMV: Yeah, I agree. I do agree with that. It kind of was surprising because, you know, I thought at 8-8 people would be thrilled but, ‘If Luck’s back and he plays all of the games and they finish 8-8, I am going to be disappointed.’ That was a little shocking.

MC: Right, that’s crazy.

An interesting takeaway from both local journalists is that they do not have high expectations for the season at all, including if Andrew Luck returns healthy — and they both expect that to happen at this point. For JMV and Chappell, an 8-8 season would be seen more as a ceiling and as a successful showing than the other way around.

What do you think is a realistic outlook for the Colts in 2018? If we assume, like JMV and Chappell, that Andrew Luck returns to the field healthy for Week 1 of the regular season is 8-8 reasonable? Would you take the over or the under?


What is a realistic expectation for the Indianapolis Colts record in 2018?

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