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Colts Cast: Breaking Down the Colts by Position | Linebackers

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We continue on with our positional breakdowns by taking a look at the Indianapolis Colts linebackers

We continue on with our positional breakdowns of the Indianapolis Colts roster by checking in on the linebackers. This position continues to be seen as wide open in terms of finding a starting unit. With so much youth and inexperience throughout the group, it’s no wonder why.

The position is being built on speed, youth and instincts but the questions remain about what the immediate starting unit will look like. Najee Goode, Antonio Morrison, Tyrell Adams and Jeremiah George are the base of the position’s veterans, while most of that experience is minimal.

Skai Moore, Matthew Adams, Darius Leonard, Zaire Franklin will be the young supporting cast, but can any of them take the lead role at one of the three positions? Will Moore be used as a utility role player? Can Leonard start if he takes some time to get acclimated?

This is one of the funnest groups to discuss because of the youth, but it simultaneously holds the most aggravating when considering the lack of a top-tier veteran to lead the unit throughout the season.

We’re less than a week out from the first training camp practice, and this is unquestionably one of the most exciting positions to watch through the preseason.

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