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Colts Cast: Luck and Mack are Back; Is Colts Safety Situation Cause for Concern?

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Colts fans got some great news, but some concerning news as well from Chris Ballard on Friday

Indianapolis Colts fans have been waiting to hear the words that came out of Chris Ballard’s mouth today for a long time now. Andrew Luck is “good to go.” In fact, Ballard touched on several key injury issues while talking with reporters.

In addition to Luck, Marlon Mack will be coming into training camp ready to kick off the battle of the running back position with nothing hampering him out of the gate. We’ll talk about the excitement I have for this camp battle in the Colts backfield as well on the show.

Some bad news for the Colts offensive line to start camp, and some very bad news concerning the safeties as well.

Maybe some talk of bringing in another safety needs to be brought back up. It’s too bad the Colts left one of them in a cafeteria without getting an actual meeting last time around.

I suppose you can argue that this amps up the battle in a few spots while some starters will be late to camp nursing injuries.

Finally we have some clarity on Luck’s return, but is there a cause for concern — especially on the backend — with this defense?

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