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Colts Cast: Breaking Down the Colts by Position | Safety

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We now move on to the Colts safety position as we dig into each unit on the team’s roster to determine what we have for the 2018 NFL season

Today we continue to break down each position of the Indianapolis Colts roster as camp is literally now only days away.

We now have a slightly different take on the Colts safety position after Chris Ballard spoke about the injury situation heading into training camp. We know that Malik Hooker and Clayton Geathers should be coming back fairly soon -- Hooker a bit later than Geathers -- which brings us to a critical point at the position for those currently expected to be depth pieces.

There are a couple rookies, that we know very little about on the field, who will be very interesting to watch as the team’s training camp gets under way. For them, this might be a very advantageous position for them to be in with so many questions surrounding the injury situation and questions surrounding the team’s depth at the position.

Can T.J. Green finally prove worthy of a roster spot? Is Ronald Martin a viable replacement for Geathers at this time? Will Hooker and Geathers be back when expected? We’ve seen too many short-term injury situations drag out in recent years to know for sure.

This, within itself, makes several opportunities for those vying for a roster spot going forward. Finally, Matthias Farley has proven to be a quality piece for the Colts, but will he continue his upward trajectory when the defense needs it most?

Most significantly, this Colts defense needs to find out who that 4th piece is who can potentially pick up some spot starts for the unit? There’s a lot yet to be determined with this crew.

The Colts’ cornerback unit is next on the docket.

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