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Colts Cast: Breaking Down the Colts by Position | Receiver

We finish up our position by position break down of the Indianapolis Colts roster with the team’s receivers. Are they underwhelming or are they being slept on?

Our position by position break down of the Indianapolis Colts roster has come to its finale. Today we look at the receiver position that has some top-end talent, but isn’t getting much love after you get past T.Y. Hilton.

But, as you can imagine, I disagree with that notion.

This receiver corps has the length, speed, physicality and youth that makes their collective star shine at this point in the process. Chester Rogers isn’t being seen as a legit No. 2 or 3, until he comes through with an entire season in that role. Ryan Grant isn’t seen as a shiny new toy, but may be the consistency the positions needs, and the fundamental piece that can act as the glue to hold the unit together.

Hilton is a perennial 1000-yard receiver, but what are my predictions for the rest of the group for the season?

Guys like Krishawn Hogan, Kasen Williams, K.J. Brent, Deon Cain and Daurice Fountain will be so fun to watch within the throes of training camp to see who can be that possession/speed/route-running addition to get this unit some notariety throughout the season.

This group is being slept on, and I go in to many reasons why as we wrap up the positional previews for the 2018 Indianapolis Colts. This group may be one of the most inexperienced positions on the roster, but for my money, it also has some of the most potential to take off.

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