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Colts Cast: Day 2 audio from Colts training camp

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Today we hear from Frank Reich, Chester Rogers and Deon Cain from Day 2 of Colts training camp

Today we have three interviews from Day 2 of Colts training camp.

We get coach Frank Reich first getting in on how Andrew Luck has bounced back from his first days of practice. What he expects from him going forward.

We also get Chester Rogers at the mic talking about how his role has changed from a year ago, what his approach is to this season for him and what the receiver unit needs to do to become a group that is on everyone’s radar heading into the 2018 season.

Last, and certainly not least, we get to hear from Deon Cain. Cain has been the lightning rod thus far in training camp. Mind you, that some guy named Andrew Luck has just returned from being out for a year, and Cain is the headline. Cain isn’t just doing these great, flashy catches either. There’s a much more inclusive reason for the excitement that follows him right now.

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