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Join a 2018 Stampede Blue fantasy football league today!

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there, Colts fans that also happen to enjoy fantasy football!

Having started in 2011, Stampede Blue’s fantasy football community has soared to more than 150 players across 11-14 leagues per year and this year, I expect bigger things! Who wants to play in a free league with people who also completely over-draft Colts players?

This year, I’ll be taking over the reigns of the dozen or so fantasy football leagues typically run by Matt Grecco and am looking to fill spots. If you are interested in playing in a league, please respond and/or send me an e-mail ( with your availability. If you’re a Stampede Blue member, all you need to do to show interest is respond in the comments with your availability. Right now I’m sitting on about 10 completely open leagues and we’ll create as many as we need to to fill. Typically the requirements are that you must be an active SB member that isn’t banned from the site in order to participate.


  • There are no costs associated unless you count the time invested and time is a flat circle, so...
  • I will commission each league and help figure out a draft time for each league. I will try to put people in the same league based on their draft time preferences to avoid people having to auto-draft.
  • Drafts are being conducted using Yahoo! and although I could not be more opposed to using that client to draft, here we are.
  • Also, in previous years, given that all leagues have unified scoring (PPR, I presume), there is the idea from years passed to have an overall winner based on total points scored. I’ll take the time to make that happen this year.

We are going to set a soft registration deadline of Sunday, August 12th to give everyone two full weeks to bail at the last second. Cool?


See you out there!