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Andrew Luck happy with his progression, acknowledges “there’s a long way to go”

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“The name of the game is I’ve got to improve everyday.” There couldn’t have been a more cliche, yet applicable statement from the Indianapolis Colts franchise quarterback this morning as he prepares for the 2018 season.

“I had jitters like before a game for that first practice, which was a neat feeling — I haven’t felt that way in a long time.”

Luck is coming back to a greedy fanbase eager to see the Colts become significant in the AFC again, and feels that he started a little shaky, but everything got a little better in Day 2 of camp. Luck has the right perspective despite being back on a field again with his teammates.

“I’m really trying to stay in this day as much as possible, there’s so much ahead of us right now and Cincinnati is so, so far away. Trying to translate the technique I want to use. Focusing on back foot, and front arm and arm slots, and then it gets to throwing to a moving target”

Luck is feeling good right now, and we’ve had plenty of updates thus far from everyone covering the team, but it’s critical in how the Colts perform this season. He credits his “calm mind” right now in how he prepares for the season ahead and recognizes that there is a process to everything.

A process to getting back on the field, and now a more pertinent process in terms of getting the right play in, executing it and doing everything he can to get the team in position to be successful.

Luck was approached about how he’s looked from the sidelines and how it doesn’t look that it’s been a big jump for him. Laughing, Luck stated “It feels like it... The second day things seemed to calm down, or slow down per se, alot.” For anyone paying attention to the return of the Colts’ golden boy, this is music to their ears.

Colts’ coach Frank Reich is liking where his quarterback is as well. With the team setting up Luck’s schedule to mimic a regular season schedule, Reich is comfortable with a full workload for Luck going forward.

“You know I’m going into this from the very start he was full-go, fully cleared for everything. Yeah, we have some planned rest days, but in my mind, the amount that he plays is — he’s a hundred percent in my mind.”

Reich even hinted that due to Luck having the entire 2017 season off that he might get more of a workload this summer than any normal starting quarterback.

Much has also been made about how Reich will conduct and call his offense this season. He called the plays while in San Diego and the team didn’t run much with Philip Rivers under center. Then, going to Philadelphia Reich was the OC, but was with a much different quarterback in Carson Wentz.

How will Reich marry the two experiences from his past 4 years in the league? It sounds that the first-year head coach will rely heavily on what his quarterback relays to him.

“One of the highlights for me, not just the on-the-field stuff, but just talking to Andrew about how we call a game and what we think and what he thinks. How he feels about the rhythm of calls and the progression of calls, so that’ll build with time.”

Reich continued to say that not every practice period is scripted. That they’ll call some periods like it’s a game, without defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus knowing what’s in store for them in terms of down and distance and they’ll roll with it so that those conversations can be more instructive between himself, the offensive staff and Luck.

By and large, Reich appears to have a very definitive plan for this offense and this team. A plan that Luck and everyone involved in the offense — from players to coaches — feels comfortable buying into.

So much of the excitement comes from some of the playmakers. More comes from Luck himself, but this team is 100 percent sold on what Reich is selling, and it comes through in every interview.

The Colts conduct their first evening practice tonight at 6:15, and it will be Luck’s first padded practice to face ‘real’ pressure. This should tell everyone involved exactly where Luck’s comfort level is at this point.