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Colts Cast: What’s Your Problem with the Colts Roster? with PFW’s Eric Edholm

Pro Football Weekly’s Eric Edholm joins Matt Danely to discuss what he sees as the Colts’ 3 biggest positional issues.

With training camp just right around the corner, we keep hearing “If Andrew Luck’s shoulder...” nationally when discussing the Indianapolis Colts outlook for the 2018 season. While we know Luck covers a ton of holes for the team, I wanted to hear some arguments about the rest of the team’s roster.

Eric Edholm (Pro Football Weekly) joins me today to do just that.

We look at 3 positions that should be questioned right now, as to their viability if these units were to stay as they are until Week 1. In addition to these 3 positions, we discuss the surrounding pieces of this roster and look at questions such as; Does _________ make the _________ position better? Are there any mitigators to the _________ position that can make them a strength throughout the season? What can coaching provide?

We packed a pretty significant amount of information in this one for you, in a short amount of time. There are so many questions surrounding the Colts right now, so it was good to get these positions out of the way and move on to the next, with the next guest.